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26 Oct 2017
We quantified 378 HRMAS 1H NMR spectra of human brain tumours (132 glioblastomas, 101 astrocytomas, 75 meningiomas, 37 oligodendrogliomas and 33...
26 Oct 2017
National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service
The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) in partnership with Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has, for the first time, produced...
25 Oct 2017
The expanding spectrum of both established and candidate oncogenic driver mutations identified in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), coupled with...
25 Oct 2017
Journal Trends in Cancer
Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, and stratification of tumors is paramount to achieve better clinical outcomes. While it is common to...
25 Oct 2017
Department of Health NI
A mid-term review of the skin cancer prevention strategy and action plan.   Click here to read the Policy Document in full