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6 Jan 2015
Northern Ireland Cancer Network
What is Cancer Peer Review? It is a way of assessing the quality of cancer services in hospitals across Northern Ireland. 
30 Oct 2014
Public Health Agency
In May 2014, the Public Health Agency (the PHA) commissioned Social Market Research ( to undertake a baseline survey...
5 Oct 2014
Public Health Agency
Society, health and healthcare have developed enormously in recent decades. However, the health and wellbeing enjoyed by some is not enjoyed by all,...
29 Sep 2014
Cancer Research UK
Thousands of people beat cancer every year. When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment is more likely to be successful. So finding cancer...
16 Sep 2014
Breast Cancer Research
It is frequent for news items to lead to a short lived temporary increase in interest in a particular health related service, however it is rare for...