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2 Jun 2015
Public Health Agency
What we eat affects our health. With just a few small changes to what we eat every day, we can help to protect against major illnesses, including...
1 Jun 2015
Northern Ireland Cancer Network
The number of TYAs diagnosed with cancer in NI between 2008 -2012 was 376. This equates to an average of 76 TYAs per year. This unique group of...
7 Apr 2015
Cancer Research UK
This leaflet aims to raise awareness of the possible signs and symptoms of lung cancer, and to encourage earlier presentation.
1 Apr 2015
Public Health Agency
This leaflet is used to support the Northern Ireland breast screening programme and explains the additional tests that may be offered at a breast...
1 Apr 2015
Public Health Agency
This poster highlights the bowel cancer screening programme is being introduced for all 60 to 74 year olds. If you are in this age group a kit will...