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1 Nov 2015
Public Health Agency
Testing for high-risk human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) as triage and test of cure was introduced into the Northern Ireland Cervical Screening Programme...
14 Oct 2015
Nature Communications
The use of hyperpolarized agents in magnetic resonance, such as C-labelled compounds, enables powerful new imaging and detection modalities that...
1 Oct 2015
Northern Ireland Cancer Network
Peripheral Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs) are defined as catheters inserted via a peripheral vein and advanced along the upper arm with the tip...
29 Sep 2015
Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPSNI)
This statistics release gives details of the waiting times for patients accessing cancer services at hospitals in Northern Ireland during April, May...
29 Sep 2015
Cancer Focus Northern Ireland
Every year in Northern Ireland around 11,200 local people get the news that they have cancer. Thankfully two thirds will survive but, unfortunately,...