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1 Aug 2005
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
The purpose of this guidance is to provide recommendations on service provision for children and young people with malignant disease, based...
13 Sep 2017
The Irish Medical Journal
Excess body weight (EBW) increases the risk of specific cancers. The prevalence of EBW has risen significantly in Ireland over recent decades. To...
22 Aug 2017
Health Service Executive
The National Screening Service (NSS), part of the Health Service Executive, has gained significant expertise, as well as a positive national and...
22 Aug 2017
The quest for early detection of ovarian cancer (OC), in the hope of reducing mortality, began as soon as the correlation between stage and survival...
16 Aug 2017
Public Health England
Details of the data sets held by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, including descriptive information.   Please...