TYA – Teenage Young Adults

young adults

The teenage and young adults with cancer work stream is a 2 year fixed term project until February 2016 focussed on developing a regional cancer service for this cohort of patients in Northern Ireland.  After an initial scoping exercise of current services, five themes have emerged as central to developing a regional cancer service.

The themes will form the basis for the key areas of work moving forward, and include;

  • Strategic direction of travel for TYA cancer services in NI,
  • TYA service developments,
  • Support needed to develop a TYA service,
  • Facilities to support TYA cancer care in NI, and
  • Education for staff and patient information needs.

All service developments in NI will be in line with best available evidence to include;

  • NICE Improving Outcomes in Children and Young People with Cancer;
  • NICE Quality Standard 55 for Children and Young People with Cancer;
  • National Cancer Peer Review Programme: Manual for Cancer Services: Teenage and Young Adults Measures; and
  • DHSSPS Departmental Framework for Cancer Services 2015.

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