Questions I Might Ask?

The time around diagnosis of cancer can be incredibly frightening, that is until you find out as much as you need, to be informed and to help you make informed choices.

Your main source of information will be your Hospital Consultant and his clinical team. They are dealing with cancer patients all the time and are experts. Your GP will also be able to give you valuable information and support, but he/she may not be able to answer specific questions on your cancer, as they are not cancer experts.

Generally you will only want, and be able to absorb the answers to two or three questions at any one time. It is important to appreciate that we often think doctors have all the answers. Some questions they can only express an opinion about, and for others there may be no answer.

Here are some tips to help you plan your questions

It can be useful to write down the questions you want to ask, so that you do not forget anything. You can also let your doctor have your list of questions before you see him, so he has time to consider them.

Take someone with you, such as a relative or a close friend. They may remember details you forget.

Do ask for any explanations to be given in layman's terms, and where appropriate suggest that a drawn diagram might help you understand.