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8 Nov 2015
Portadown Times
Scarva native Victoria Poole has joined the campaign against cancer after losing someone very special to the disease. Please click here to read...
7 Nov 2015
The Telegraph
Scientists warn against the dangers of frying food in sunflower oil and corn oil over claims they release toxic chemicals linked to cancer. Please...
6 Nov 2015
Medical News Today
The power of vitamin C could one day be harnessed to fight colorectal cancer, according to a new study published in Science. Please click...
6 Nov 2015
The Institute of Cancer Research
Scientists have developed a blood test that can identify key mutations driving resistance to a widely used prostate cancer drug, and identify in...
6 Nov 2015
The Irish Times
1-year-old in UK receives untested ‘one size fits all’ treatment for acute form of cancer. Please click here to read the 'Irish Times' news...