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16 May 2017
European Commission
The European Commission has launched an investigation into claims that drug company Aspen Pharma excessively increased prices of five life-saving...
15 May 2017
Cancer Research UK
There’s a lot of confusing information and advice out there around sugar. It’s been made the villain of our diet, but where does the...
15 May 2017
Cancer Research UK
The idea that 'sugar feeds cancer cells', and that it should be completely banished from a patient’s diet, is an unhelpful oversimplification of a...
15 May 2017
A clinical trial is to take place to see if breast milk really is a cure for cancer. Please click here to read the 'Metro' news article in full
12 May 2017
New Scientist
There’s rarely a silver lining to a cancer diagnosis. But one man’s illness has led to the first precise tracing of a cancer’s evolution. Knowing the...