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13 Mar 2017
Irish Health
EU members states, including Ireland, are being urged to do more to tackle the problem of obesity. Please click here to read the 'Irish Health'...
13 Mar 2017
BBC News
The son of a couple who died of cancer within days of each other has told of how he feared his 13-year-old brother would be taken into care....
13 Mar 2017
University of Glasgow
A new study into a rare type of pancreatic cancer reveals that we may inherit more than twice the number of ‘cancer genes’ than experts previously...
13 Mar 2017
MAYO Clinic
Mayo Clinic scientists have identified a specific protein implicated in drug resistance, as well as a possible therapeutic tool. Their work appears...
10 Mar 2017
Breast Cancer Now
A leading scientist at NUI Galway has been awarded a grant of over €250,000 by Breast Cancer Now to fund cutting-edge research into the development...