PPI – Personal & Public Involvement

How to become involved

Patient & Public Involvement (PPI ) means bringing together a whole range of individuals in many different ways so that they can work together to help shape cancer services


Individuals who have had a diagnosis of cancer;their family members and friends,members of organisations working in cancer; community and minority groups as well as members of the public interested in cancer services.


By working in partnership with all those involved in providing cancer services.  This can mean being involved in a huge variety of ways. These include

  • our Regional forum which includes all organisations offering help and support to people afected by cancer
  • sitting with health care professionals on our Regional NicaN Tumour Groups
  • working on ongoing projects and patient audits; attending disease specific tumour group meetings and being available for general consultation on pressing issues as and when they arise. 


There are lots of reasons why PPI is worth the effort. These include the people who are involved finding that they

  • have an improvement in their health and their lives in general
  • have more services available to them
  • are more inclined to use these services…which, in turn, leads to their
  • having better outcomes for their health overall 
  • Since public services are paid for by people they should then be shaped by them

Interested in becoming involved?

If so, why not join the Patient & Public Involvement Forum. Contact NICaN on 028 9056 5860 or email nican.office@hscni.net

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