Overview of Cancer Services in Northern Ireland

Cancer Services in Northern Ireland have undergone significant change and development since the publication of the Campbell report "Cancer Services; investing for the future" published in 1996.

The underpinning principles of change have included:

  • Cancer services should be developed around the needs of patients.
  • All patients should have access to the same high quality of care.
  • As far as possible, clinicians should specialise in a particular area in the management of cancer.
  • Different professions involved in the management of cancer should work closely together in teams (Multidisciplinary teams).
  • Cancer services should be based on research evidence to determine the best treatments.
  • Regular audits should take place to ensure that the quality of the service is maintained.

The Campbell report proposed three levels of care as described below. (Click a level of care to read more)

 In 2004 the Northern Ireland Cancer Network was formed to ensure that cancer services continued to develop on an equitable basis across Northern Ireland.  It provides a platform to bring together those  organisations involved in planning and delivering cancer services together with people who use them. This partnership working is aimed at ensuring that patients receive services that are accessible, responsive and of high quality.